Sherlock Holmes, A Game Of Shadows

Hello again, before starting my writing, i want to express my feeling about this movie. It’s really amazing movie i have ever seen…

That’s why i think like this, because there are lots of reasons to explain. First of all, in the movie you can see a lot of mind games, second the script is worth considering, and third one is acting. Yes acting is really impressive. I think these are enough to watch this movie, so i watched it and i really advice you to watch it…

Let’s start blogging, but i will be honest so i will make a summary about the movie:) IMBD rating for this movie is 7.6 and it’s enough to watch. Before i was going to watch a movie, i will check it’s IMDB rating. If the rating is above 7 i will then watch the movie; if the rating is under the 7 for example 6.9 ( je ne sais pas ) i don’t watch the movie…

So i watched the movie so that  IMDB rating is 7:) Let’s move on our subject, i mentioned above and i loved the acting, especially Robert Downey Jr. who is in the name of Sherlock Holmes in the movie. And our second man is Jude Law who is in action in the name of Dr. John Watson, and lastly we can call the third name Professor James Moriarty who is very clever and dangerous man in the movie.

Now let’s mention about the plot, there is a man who wants to start a war between countries in Europe ( I think he succeeded it because there was a world war in the late of 18th century ) Anyway this man is called Prof. Moriarty in the movie, he is a mysterious man and he is really good at maths and he knows to play chess… But i think, his gift doesnt work against Sherlock Holmes:) you can learn what i mean in the end of the movie…

From the beginning of the movie, till the end,  Prof. Moriarty is making plans to assassinate to heads of states and start a war for selling the weapons that he has. However our man Sherlock Holmes is trying to protect Prof. Moriarty and he… ok i will not mention about all the things, just watch the movie and make your own comment…

Finally, i liked the movie and i advice you to watch the movie, thats all, see you next article…






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